Monday, May 6, 2013

What To Expect When You're Expecting***

My brother's friend asked me last night what I'm most looking forward to in Berlin. I pondered the question for a second and then responded "the restaurants."

It may be a bit naive of me to assume that Berlin culture is tacitly related to restaurants and food culture. In some ways, I'm like de Botton in The Art of Travel. Like de Botton, I have certain expectations about the places I'll be visiting. In Berlin I expect to see cosmopolitan businessmen and abstract street art. In Dresden I expect to see dilapidated, Soviet-era apartment buildings and other relics of an earlier time. But expectations are synonymous to assumptions--and you know what people say about assumptions...

It's always disappointing at first when destinations are not what you expect (which they never are), but this disappointment is always fleeting. Berlin may not be all bratwurst and broetchen, but it's bound to hold some surprises and mysteries that will make my trip all the more exciting and memorable.

So, I guess I'm not looking forward to anything--rather I'm looking forward to something (I'm just not quite sure what that something is yet).

*** This title should not be confused with the 2012 film of the same title about a pregnant woman. I'm not pregnant.

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