Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting lost, properly!

To those who know me well, know that I am absolutely miserable with directions. I am a GPS girl living in a 4G world. Without both and without my all important map of the public transportation in Berlin, I ended up getting separated from my small group and completely lost for almost two hours.

To begin, train doors close and if someone doesn't shove their body in the way, you manage to get cut off. Then you go past the station you were supposed to get off at. Then you get lost and since you don't have your handy-dandy map, you continuously get more lost until you decide to take the train back to the stop of your apartment and start over fresh. It took me another 45 minutes to get from my home train stop to Janet's lovely apartment.

Despite my few moments of fear as the sun set and constant need to use a restroom-- naturally I refused to pain for a bathroom in my frantic state, I experienced the most interesting parts of Berlin so far! At one point there was this random DJ filling an open field with music surrounding by dancing people and then as I walked down to my station, I experienced more people rapping!

I think through is little adventure I also really got a sense of how diverse Berlin truly is. I saw people of all colors, all different clothes, and speaking all different types of languages! Everyone seemed to have a mutual respect for each other and no one really looked down on each other. It's possible that I was just seeing these interactions through a warped lens, but it made me extremely happy! I adore Berlin!

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