Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It is no secret. I am lazy. This usually has a negative connotation and in some cases this negativity is warranted. I see my laziness as something more special however. I've really developed it a skill. I'm not the couch potato-Dorito's and milkshakes-Sister Wives marathon type of lazy (actually I am but just go with me here). It's more like laying in the sun-giggling with pals-just got out of work-can someone make a nice chicken salad?-type of lazy. And so are Germans. They like being classy lazy, too. There is nowhere else better to enjoy a moment in the sun than in a park and around every corner in Berlin, there is a park or something resembling a park. Naturally, I'm ecstatic.

The most epic of parks is located just beyond the Brandenburg Tor, smack dab in the middle of Berlin--a glimmering, lush forrest thing called Tiergarten. This park has an amazing history. It once functioned as the hunting grounds for the electors of Brandenburg. In 1844, they built a zoo in it. That zoo is still there. Animals roam in natural, open air, habitats. If you don't think that's cool I don't know what else to say because I think that is pretty rad. Much of Tiergarten was decimated in World War II and it was largely deforested by citizens heating their homes in post-WWII Berlin. In 1955, re-beautification began and Tiergarten became what we see today.

After touring the old Jewish district near Hackescher Markt, I thought to myself "you should go take a nap in a park" which could be the tagline to my biopic. I moseyed my way on over to Tiergarten, chose a sunny spot, and soaked in my surroundings. People playing violin, accordion, and guitar. Families enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze. Dogs frolicking with big sloppy dog grins plastered on their faces (Dogs here are extremely well-behaved in a way thats unbelievable. One time I saw a lady clap twice and her dog grabbed a piece of trash off the ground. Could you train your child to do that even?). Other people napping. Couples sharing wine and smiles. It's really as sappy and beautiful as I'm making it out to be: no exaggeration here. Why don't we do this in America? Needless to say, I was in heaven.

The next day lovely enough for it, I returned with some pals. It was early evening so there was just enough sun, just enough shade. What I enjoy most is the simplicity of it, in a way. Going somewhere beautiful to be lazy. And the nothing is so much. The conversation is easy-going and often hilarious. The air is thick and jubilant. And that's it. You, some friends, and the grass. A truly lovely experience.

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