Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's time for me to post a few photos. Yesterday was a BIG day. I have a few photos of the group from our reading on the Bebelplatz in honor of authors whose books were burned by the Nazis on May 10, 2013 in case you missed seeing us on German TV. We received many compliments after the reading, by the way. My group was a bunch of stars. I will let the students tell you about how they experienced riding around Berlin in a van, using a megaphone to promote the event and handing out flyers advertising it beforehand.

For me, the afternoon was spent running around buying and selling theater tickets, making arrangements for our Dresden travel, and logging miles on my Fitbit pedometer. The evening brought another big highlight of the day as we saw our first Theatertr

effen performance, entitled: "Disabled Theater"--and yes, you read that correctly. The English title would not be considered PC to a native speaker of English, but this is an example, after all, of Euro English. Again, I will let the students share their views on this, their first performance. From my own perspective, the performance did exactly what I hoped it would: provoke a lot of thinking, reflecting, and appreciation.

Since I have mentioned "Euro-English" I want to add that this is a language that can be overheard everywhere. Berlin is at least 1/4 "foreigners" and often the language they use to communicate among themselves is often Euro-English. I love hearing it, actually, because it is highly entertaining at its best and it is still sweet to hear even when it is "almost good." I do worry when I am privy to arguments on the subway in Euro English, not only because I feel like a voyeur overhearing things I shouldn't be hearing, but also because when the English is wrong it is hard to figure out exactly what threats and ultimatums are being made.

That is all for now. As they say in German: Tschüss! (which is pronounced somewhere between "juice" and "tush" for those of you unfamiliar with German.

Apologies that the pictures are all out of order.
Reading on the Bebelplatz 

Figuring out the subway

First night. Brandenburger Tor
Yummy lunch. 

Zerstörte Vielfalt. German history everywhere.

Tour of Berlin Mitte

First night. This group even looks good with jet lag.

Hurry up and wait. . . waiting for the U-Bahn.

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