Sunday, May 19, 2013

Helping one another...

It isn't surprising that a study abroad trip to Germany will include some difficult topics and tours.  These past few days have been a rough emotional roller coaster with a trip to the Terezin ghetto, the Stasi prison tour today in Berlin, and the theater last night dealing with the topic of suicide.  When you have days full of emotionally draining topics, it's important to take some time to reflect by yourself as well as spend time with friends. I find myself needing to experience warmth and love that surround life when the events around me prove otherwise.
This group is particularly amazing because we are surrounded by University of Michigan students who are warm, accepting, and more than willing to be there with you when you fall.  Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, (thanks to Teryn for this! She's an amazing woman), or someone to make you laugh with an Australian/Boston/New York accent (Molly...I love you for this), or whether you simply need to be with someone who understands; this group is everything I could have hoped for a study abroad tour of Berlin. 
Among countless other things to be thankful for during this trip, I will always be thankful to have met these fabulous people and I hope that we have made some lasting friendships.
I know this blog may seem a little cheesy and 'lovey dovey' but I really wanted to take this time for us to remember that we are in BERLIN and that, while it is important to see the hard historic events, witness the horrific human past and learn from theater and history, it is also important to remember to live. We are here to learn, reflect and attempt to understand German culture in new ways.  In order to do that we need to take time to take care of ourselves as well and hopefully have a little fun along the way.
Love you guys!

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