Sunday, May 19, 2013

Even more pictures!

 By far the most practical building I've seen.

 Scaffolding, of course
 It's like it can see into your soul...

 Me, taking a picture of Teryn, taking a picture of Julia, taking a picture of herself.
 Lake within the Tiergarten
 A nice collection of architecture of Dresden viewed from across the Elbe.

 That's definitely NOT my finger in the top right corner...
 view from the train

 City plan for Dresden (brown is either not built or under construction)

 Monument to Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn

 Teryn being Teryn.

 Palatschinken, which I was not disappointed to find Schinken-free.
 A series of musical funnels that create a symphony when it rains.
 Altar at the Frauenkirche

In the middle are a bunch of porcelain bells, which we didn't get a chance to hear, unfortunately (Helmut waits for no man (or car! (Parentheses within parenthesis!)))

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