Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two days ago, Teryn and I were searching for the Neue National Galerie. The rain was pouring. The wind was blowing. We got off the wrong train station. We were supposed to meet Stuart and Molly there at 3:30; it was 3:30 and to make a long story short... we weren't going to make it. To seek refuge from the weather and make one last desperate attempt to find the museum, Teryn and I ran under the roof of an industrial like building to take coverage.

Two minutes later, a man walks up to us and asks us in German if we were waiting for his, Berlin Flowers,  tour and apologized for being late.  We were confused and asked him if he knew where the Neue National gallery was... he pointed us in the direction (we were really far from it) and invited us in to HIS gallery and then walked back inside. After realizing that it was his gallery, and seeing the sign that it was free entry, Teryn and I decided--- why not? We walked inside and he offered us juice, one of the three types of DDR cookies he grew up with, and a one on one tour.
It was, as Americans apparently always say, "AWESOME."

By the way this man's name is Enrico Verworner, a well known Photographer in Berlin. Here's a link to his website, if you'd like to check it out.


And here is a link to a few of the interesting photos at the Wasser Gallerie Exhibit. This exhibit was based on taking many pictures of the same location in Berlin, and then manipulating them on photoshop to create a flower. Each part of the flower is a part of the building of the original site. This is part three of his collection. And as I should mention, this is much easier said than done; when we asked him how long it takes for him to create one of these images, Enrico rolled his eyes and said he slept very little.


Art in everywhere in Berlin and I love stumbling upon it.

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