Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some Berlin Museum Inspired Poetry

 While at the Neue National Gallerie on Sunday and Hamburger Bahnhof today I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing contemporary art, and I wrote some poetry inspired by some of the pieces I saw. So here's some of that!

Erie Shore/Kitaj/NNG
Razor blade chin strap
Yellow walrus sea
Filing cabinet sunsets
and Safety pin trees
Acrobat windows 
and Rope-burn breasts
Wooden boat theaters
and two-comb jests.

Secret Painting/NNG
I want to paint a picture
and splatter it with black
so no one will know 
what's underneath 
but me. 
And I want to paint a new face
over this one I have now
and tell everyone 
what they're missing
and that I'm quite the sight to see. 

A Monument to the Future/Beuys/HB
It's when human heads
are cannon fodder 
that we've gone too far
and cannot turn back. 

I am excited to go to even more museums tomorrow! Berlin just provokes creativity and innovation from every person who enters it. I can't believe tomorrow is our last full day here, and I could honestly stay here for another month and not see everything I want to see.
Bis bald!

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