Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 Yep, that's an obelisk.

 DDR style building

Helmut continuing to walk despite my photography. (Wir warten auf niemanden!)

 The Brandenburger Tor of Potsdam

 Gate to the Sanssouci park

 The palace of Friedrich the Great
 The golden symbol is for the Enlightenment, inside is the Praying Knave, Friedrich the Great's favorite statue.
 View of the estate from outside the castle

 Not a palace, but actually a gigantic greenhouse for oranges

 A wild pagoda appears!
 A show-off palace for guests

 Just a little something for the servants and horses....

 A tub made of a single carved piece of onyx. "A nice place to have a bath with your favorite concubine" -Helmut Franz

Chinese Teahouse

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