Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pictures of our Dresden and Terezin tour days

I am so lucky to be traveling with such a wonderful group.  Despite our permanent state of exhaustion (!), we are seeing so much and learning so much together and nobody complains. I'm proud of this group, happy to be with each one of these impressive University of Michigan Residential College students, sharing this experience. This young group is sensitive to surroundings, eager to absorb new knowledge and I applaud their openness as they share our story with you through this blog.

The past three days have been filled with wonder at both the beauty humans can create and the atrocities humans have committed. We have had some amazing tours which the students have already described here, and I hope that these photos I took over the past couple of days will give a sense of this. We had glorious weather for our days in Dresden and Terezin and our cool, rainy day today makes today a perfect day for students to rest and reflect (something we all need to do) or to visit museums at a leisurely pace. The only thing on our itinerary today is theater tonight.

Pictures of Dresden and Terezin

Beginning of a perfect day in Dresden

Crocheted blanket covering a Panzer (tank) in front of the military museum

Our guide, Helmut, talks about growing up in the GDR

Magical Dresden

Photogenic students, photogenic Dresden

Arrival in the Czech republic

Our German and English didn't help us here when we first arrived.

Fortunately, our Czech guide spoke English.

"This boy was loved by all. He knew how to handle the SS. He started an important journal in Terezin." 
Heartbreaking. Dolls and documentation.

Another doll from Terezin.

Display of "Judensterne"

Example of the artwork done in Terezin. Baby buggies in the park.

The train ride back to Dresden through beautiful nearby Czech landscapes. Much to reflect upon.


  1. All of the posts sound like this is an important trip for the students and the whole group. It sounds like a success!

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