Monday, July 29, 2013

Tanz mit Jacalyn Carley

I was so excited to be here working with Jacalyn. Any one that really knows me knows that I live to dance. It was so rejuvenating not only for me, but the entire group. The workshop was designed for everyone, not just "technical dancers." Jacalyn gave us a lesson in creative movement, allowing us to let go but still giving us specific movements that we were to lean and perform succinctly. Janet really hit the mark on this one (and many other things we did, but this was where my heart is). It felt so good to move around freely and comfortably in a country we were just getting to know. This really helped me feel at home. Also, learning about Community Dance as Jacalyn testified to the people she's helped gave me the desire to learn and one day become an instructor. She talked about how she's helped students learn discipline who were thought to be ill mannered untamable adolescents. I think Community Dance classes would be great for strengthening people in a city like Detroit where many of the children are having behavioral issues and difficulties adjusting in school. This experience has made me think of new ways to help Detroit, which has always been my passion. I even have a picture of myself looking out the window as I tried to take in every feeling I had at the moment and imagine what Community Dance could do for Detroit. 


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