Monday, July 29, 2013

Lesen Gegen Das Vergessen

Some of us were granted the opportunity to advertise for the Lesen Gegen das Vergessen. A few people even used the bull horn to speak with everyone outside of the van. It was pretty exciting and allowed us a great chance to solicit people in German. It was amazing speaking to so many people, and had to be the most German I had ever spoken in one day. We were all rejected a few times, but it was so worth it to me when I got smiles and nods for those that did come out and enjoy the readings. 

This little guy was infatuated with Molly and Stephanie's dancing. ( a couple pictures down)

In high school I was in Orchestra and played the double bass (the huge violin that the guy with the beard similar to Santa Claus is playing). I had to get a picture of this German Jazz playing. They were playing Jazz in particular because it was one of the art forms banned by the Nazi regime. Everything during this celebration and memorial of reflection and honor was very purposed and well thought out. 

Janet in action, always on the move for us.

Janet helping prepare before our debut reading our lesen das vergessen wurde.

I just had to snap this picture, she was so pleased with our German. What a great feeling and so memorable.

RC: Everywhere 

Being able to photograph this and see it in person really moved me. As I snapped pictures from every angle I could think of, I reflected upon the essence of this denkmal. During the year, with Karein, I had an assignment on this particular piece. That's probably why it meant so much to me. I felt like I knew the depths of it's reflection as the still empty book shelves screeched the despair of the book burning that occurred some years ago. The roses were like a sign of peace and gesture of reflection for all the artists, writers and composers whose work was destroyed and also for the people who could not partake in the art they desired to share.

I took lots of "selfies" which are pictures that one takes of one's self. I did this quite often. It was my way of capturing myself in Germany. One of the best experiences in my life to date.

This video below is  of my favorite reading of the day. (besides ours) I didn't get the entire reading, but I was truly moved and blown away by this amazing speaker.

Miss Julia, she's such a glamorous girl. We all think she looks like a movie star.

Beautiful Smile Stephanie, I had to capture it. 

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